The response has been overwhelming. They loved it!" - A.L.L.

A customized presentation for a global technology company. 

Brad Zupp's memory presentations are:

  • Universally appealing. Everyone is interested in remembering better, everyone has blanked on an important name or walked into a room and wondered, "What did I need from here?"
  • Unique. Not another motivational speech or boring seminar that participants quickly forget or dismiss.
  • Amazing. Watching as Brad recalls dozens of participants names in seconds, memorizes a random number in seconds, or any other of his incredible feats of memory leaves people talking for days.
  • Inspirational. We often need to see what's possible to inspire us, enabling us to take the first steps towards our own incredible achievements.
  • Fun! People are concerned with brain health and love laughing and having fun while participating in memory improvement.

Recent Television Appearances

An interview on WYNN News in Albany, NY discussing memory improvement and setting an American record at the World Memory Championships.

Interviewed on The Today Show, teaching Dylan Dryer how to improve her memory.

Memory Athlete Brad Zupp's Television Appearances

By providing one of Brad Zupp’s memory presentations:

  • Employees can be more productive – increasing the company’s bottom line.
  • Complex passwords can be memorized easily, improving data and system security.
  • Salespeople learn to demonstrate how much they truly care, building better relationships by remembering client names, details about children, hobbies, and more, thereby earning more sales and referrals.
  • Service employees show how important customers are by remembering their names, drink or dining preferences, favorite colors, etc. Customers go where they feel valued, known and remembered.
  • Employers demonstrate that their employees are important by providing timely, entertaining educational content about mental fitness; employees that feel valued are more productive and harder working.
Brad was professional, entertaining and informative. He provided helpful tips to improve one’s memory at any age. We were happy to have him here. It’s not every day one meets a memory champion who can clearly demonstrate his abilities in such an entertaining manner!
— Michelle, Carmel Terrace

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